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The Truth About What Jerry Jones Said Regarding The NFL & National Anthem Protests

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) - In the era of 'fake news' and its world-wide spread thanks to an unchecked social media society, it's tough to figure what the truth actually is.

With a slew of NFL players protesting the National Anthem recently, many people have begun to spread lies and 'fake news' reactions to this national news story. And one such target is Dallas Cowboys Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones.

A story from 2016 has suddenly popped up again, claiming Jones told his Dallas Cowboys players that they would be fired if they didn't stand for the National Anthem.  The truth is, Jones never made that statement about his players or the song. Many reports say the story was made up by a man named Richie Newberry, who started spreading the lie on Facebook.

According to Snopes, Newberry claims Jones said, "An NFL owner told his players they were "actors" playing the role of "patriotic super heroes" and therefore had to stand during the playing of the U.S. national anthem.

In fact, Jerry Jones strongly expressed his feelings on the matter when asked about the growing number of protests back in 2016 on the Shan & RJ Show on 105.3 The Fan.

"I just feel so strongly that the act of recognizing the flag is a salute to our country and all of the people that have sacrificed so that we can have the liberties we have," Jones said. "I feel very strongly that everyone should save that moment for the recognition of the flag in a positive way, so I like the way the Cowboys do it."

In 2016, after Colin Kaepernick and others protested the anthem by taking a knee, Jones voiced his displeasure with the protests.

"The forum of the NFL and the forum on television is a very significant thing," said Jones. "I'm for it being used, in every way we can, to support the great contributors in our society – that is people that have supported America, and the flag. For anybody to use parts of that visibility to do otherwise is really disappointing. We strongly support the flag in every way — and the people that for generations have given it all up so that we can get out here."


And THAT is the truth!

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