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The Foote Files: CBS-FM's Scott Shannon And His 1000th Show

(CBS 11 NEWS) - As someone used to tell me, radio is a "P.T. Barnum" media to an extent, meaning "put on a big show." And that's what WCBS-FM/New York's Scott Shannon does Monday-Friday, 6-10 a.m., appropriately named "The Big Show With Scott Shannon."

I have written a blog about Shannon before. I first heard him in 1981 on Q105, WRBQ-FM/Tampa when I was with WTSP-TV there. Shortly thereafter, he moved to New York where he was at Z100 (WHTZ-FM) and WPLJ-FM, where he made these stations successful. About four and half years ago, he "retired" from WPLJ but moved over to WCBS-FM shortly thereafter.

Ever since that time, CBS-FM has been a market leader in New York radio. Along with Shannon in the morning, the other personalities include Dan Taylor, Broadway Bill Lee, and "Brooklyn's Own" Joe Causi. Having been a former radio program director, Shannon has followed the same guidelines that the late Rick Sklar (WABC) as well as the legendary radio programming consulting team of Bill Drake and Gene Chenault (KHJ/Los Angeles): tight playlists, great personalities, knowing their audience, and great promotions.

Today, August 17, 2018, Shannon and his crew did their 1000th show on CBS-FM from 6-10am. His cast includes Patty Steele, John Elliott, Sue Aller, Brad Blanks, and Kermit The Wonder Frog & Louie Louie. Patty Steele is a long time New York radio personality. John Elliott is a meteorologist at WCBS-TV.

Click here to watch the show.

In the meantime, watch this short clip from the 1st anniversary of The Big Show on CBS-FM:

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