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Texas Toddler Killed In Freak Accident Still Bringing Joy & Life To Others

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NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A toddler lost her life just days before turning three-years-old. Iva Lea Potter was killed when an interior door became unhinged and fell on her.

Monday night the little girl's parents opened up to CBS 11 News about their tragic loss and a new development that's left them speechless.

Many North Texans were heartbroken by the images from just outside the Lewisville home where Iva Lea was killed. It's hard to think anything positive could come of her death, but even now Iva Lea is changing lives.

Home video of Iva Lea singing is an expression of pure happiness. Her mother, Jessica Potter, still has a hard time understanding that her daughter is gone.

"It's not real so far," she said. "I'm just waiting for her to come give me hugs and kisses. You know she was my little snuggler."

Jessica and her husband, Lucas Potter, were in the middle of moving from their home in Flower Mound to Lewisville. "I just wanted her to come to a new house because she was so happy. She was so excited about it. So that's what we did. Everything was here. Nothing that you'd expect."

There were just a few items left to move when an unhinged door, between the garage and house, fell on Iva Lea. She later died at the hospital.

"All kinds of things run through your mind, you know? What if, what if?" the mother said, adding as the sound of her voice got lower, "But it wasn't anything that… You know you can't… All you have to do is remember how great she was."

Today the Potter home is a constant reminder of Iva Lea, the little girl's twin sister, Ella, is too.
Dad Lucas explained how the family is coping. "We're taking it minute by minute, hour by hour, trying to realize this is real. She's not coming back."

Then, just days ago, the Potter family got a call. "I just figured it could be the last good thing she could do for the world."

You see, moments after Iva Lea passed away doctors asked if Jessica and Lucas wanted to donate their daughter's organs. They said the answer to the question was easy. "I don't want anybody else to feel this pain of losing a child."

The call a few days ago was to let them know a 13-year-old girl and a 37-year-old woman can now see with the help of Iva's corneas. The two-year-old's heart valves are also now helping keep a young child alive.

Jessica said, "I think she'd be so happy. That's all she did was make us happy every day. I mean she really would and I feel she really does know."

Jessica and Lucas Potter do not know yet who got the organs. Whomever it is, Iva's parents said they have the strong heart and vision of a little girl who never stopped smiling.

"She's still out there helping everybody and touching everybody she meets."

Click here to find out how to carry on Iva's memory.

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