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Texas PD Shares Dash Camera Bloopers In New Viral Challenge

CARROLLTON (CBSDFW.COM) - In lieu of the popular "Lip Sync Challenge" tackled by police departments across the country, a local department chose the #DashCameraBlooperChallenge instead.

The Carrollton Police Department posted what they call an ode to their "human side" with an amusing video showing an officer's reaction to a Texas-sized bug and another clip of a near face-plant by another cop during a traffic stop.

The dash-cam challenge is more organic and unplanned... more reactionary than rehearsed.

Another blooper shows an officer running swiftly -- a little too quickly -- as his feet seem to get ahead of his body and he dives into the grass.

They save arguably the funniest blooper for the very end when an officer walks into a glass wall instead of through the door. Surely the cleaning crew is to blame!

All the bloopers are tongue-in-cheek, showing that even while hard at work protecting the community, officers are just like the rest of us, infallible and funny, too.

No police officers were hurt in the making of the video.

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