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Texas Democrats' Take Bus Tour To Rev-Up Votes

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Texas Democrats are crossing the state on their "Fair Shot Bus Tour", which is making nearly 50 stops in 10 days.

Among the statewide candidates on the bus, Mike Collier, who's running for Lieutenant Governor. "I think it's very important," he said about the journey. "You know, I've never held office and so I've got to go out and I've got to see people. I've got to make it on TV."

Making it on TV is even more important these days because Collier hasn't raised enough money to air television ads statewide. His Republican incumbent Dan Patrick has been running ads for weeks now.

On this night, the bus pulled into the Collin County city of Wylie, where Democrats say they're excited about voting.

"We have the most Democrats running for office in this county that we have had in probably 30 years," said  Democrat activist Vickie Parker.

Matthew B., another Democrat said, "I feel it's time for Democrats to step-up and to check Donald Trump."

After Collier left the bus, he introduced himself saying, "My name is Mike Collier and my job is to beat Dan Patrick. He's got to go, he's got to go. Do you agree with me?"

Collier told supporters he will fight to improve benefits for retired teachers, reduce class sizes and increase teacher pay. But his signature issue is property tax reform, and he says the state has shifted the burden onto property owners to pay for schools.

"There's a major loophole in the property tax law," he said.

Collier went on to talk about another loophole, that he says costs the state about $5 billion a year. "It allows the owners of large commercial and industrial properties to do what homeowners cannot, and what small businesses cannot do, which is to hire lawyers, sue the appraisal district, get their values reduced, their taxes reduced, below what is required in the Constitution."

While residents and small business owners can't sue, they can and do challenge their property valuations.

Analysts predict Patrick will win re-election, but Collier isn't looking back. "Do you promise you'll vote? Yeah! Will you take 10 people?," he asked. The crowd chanted back.

For now, it's back on the bus -- for the trip to Fort Worth.

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