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North Texas Cattle Farmers See Surge In Business As Beef Prices Rise In Stores

NAVARRO COUNTY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Meat prices at the grocery stores have skyrocketed since supply chain issues have impacted the trucking industry bringing the meat to the markets.

Meanwhile, it's been a benefit to North Texas cattle farmers who are selling their meat from their operations.

"I'm going to say my business has doubled and I would say it could double again as I increase my ability to feed here at home," said John Paul Plemons, a Navarro County farmer and owner of Plemons Beef.

Plemons has had cattle for nearly a decade and can barely keep up with the demand and meat eaters are looking for a better price on beef.

"Right now we've got a waiting list for sides of beef," added Plemons, "We just fill the orders as quickly as we can."

Cattle farm in Navarro County
Cattle farm in Navarro County (Nick Starling - CBS 11)

Fourth-generation farmer James Hooser said he's never seen anything like it.

He said he sold out of beef fast from his small market where the public can buy meat on his property.

"You saw people that you've never seen before walking in wanting products they could buy one, two we had to limit what they could buy because some people wanting to come in and buy everything we had," he said.

While there may have been a shortage of beef in the stores, these farmers say there was never a shortage of cattle on the farms.

This, along with a shift in consumer habits in wanting to eat locally-grown foods, has beefed up their bottom lines.

"We didn't go up in our prices, we didn't do anything to take advantage we were just glad to be able to have meat," said Plemons.

If you would like to visit these places, you can check out the Plemons Beef Facebook page.

Hooser said his small market is open from sunrise to sundown. Just message him first at 903-654-7744.

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