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North Texas Business Owner Struggling With What To Do When Coronavirus Stay At Home Order Ends

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The decision to reopen for business isn't an easy one for Brad Schweig, whose family runs Sunnyland Outdoor Living stores in Dallas and Frisco.

"I don't feel great about it, but the status quo isn't great either," he said.

This is the time year outdoor furniture is normally in demand.

Instead, Schweig says his warehouse is still full.

"It's a lot of inventory to have in stock right now."

Brad Schweig
Brad Schweig - Sunnyland Outdoor Furniture (CBS 11)

He appreciates having a choice on whether to re-open, but worries if he's making the right one.

"It's kind of like… you've got two bad choices and which is the less bad one," he explained.

With stay-at-home orders ending Friday, local leaders are stressing personal responsibility.

Dallas County Tuesday reported 135 new COVID-19 cases, the highest single day increase yet.

It also announced ten additional deaths, marking only the second time it had seen that many in one day.

The victims included 17-year-old Jameela Barber of Lancaster, the youngest so far to die from the virus in Dallas County and likely in all of Texas.

"I'm telling you this because it's now up to you to make good decisions. It's up to you to decide what you want to do as a business owner and a resident," said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

The county judge warned smart choices can help keep families and communities safe as they face more opportunities to get out of the house.

"I have some employees who are thrilled to be coming back to work. I have others that are a little more concerned," said Schweig.

With competitors opening and people needing paychecks, he says it's hard to stay closed.

He's trying to strike a balance, looking for what precautions he can take to keep customers and employees safe.

He wonders now if the customers will choose to show up.

"Enough to keep things going, to survive," he said.

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