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Some Texans Left Stranded At Home As Hurricane Laura Barrels Toward The Gulf Coast

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM/CNN) — Mandatory hurricane evacuation orders have been issued in cities along the Texas Gulf Coast, but not everyone is leaving.

While most of the city of Port Arthur was eerily empty on Wednesday, Larry Vils is still there -- even though he'd rather be gone. "We don't have no transportation to try and get up outta here," he explained.

Vils, who said all his neighbors have packed up and left, is among an already marginalized section of the population that is being left to fend for themselves.

The city had buses for those who couldn't get out on their own. Some 2,000 people -- young and old -- are expected to take advantage of the transportation.

Those waiting to board said they were happy to be leaving, but are worried about what they'll find when they come back.

Evacuee Donna Bevel said, "I hope it is all here and not underwater."

But Vils said his evacuation is a lot trickier. "I have called two numbers, and we got turned down for buses. 'Cause my mother has corona [COVID-19]."

Since Vils is his mother's caretaker the novel coronavirus has left both of them stuck, unable to flee the storm.

He and his mother will be some of the only people left in the city of 50,000 who now can only hope all of the storms forecasts are wrong.

"I'll hope she breaks up. I hope Ms. Laura will break up, you know, but I don't know," Vils said.

That hope doesn't look likely. Right now the question isn't if the hurricane will hit, but how bad it will be.

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