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Teen Curfew Now Being Enforced In Deep Ellum In Effort To Make District Safer

DEEP ELLUM (CBSDFW.COM) — A teen curfew is now being enforced as a major effort to make Dallas' Deep Ellum entertainment district safer.

More Dallas police and DART officers are in the area enforcing the curfew.

Deep Ellum visitor Susan Higgins said the entertainment district is no place for young teens late at night.

"There's a lot of alcohol that is being had and people are drinking," Higgins said. "They're drunk... And they [teens] shouldn't be drinking, so I don't think they should be in that type of environment."

Dallas police agree.

Starting this weekend, those who are 16-and-under and are out after midnight on weekends will initially receive a warning and told to go home. However, multiple offenses could lead to a ticket.

Deputy Chief Thomas Castro said the curfew is for their protection.

"Sometimes when you get a group on juveniles, they may encourage each other to do things they normally wouldn't do and aren't probably in their best interest," Castro said.

However, for some like Jason Stapleton, thinks the curfew isn't necessary.

"If they're 16-years-old and want to be out here, I don't think it's a big deal," Stapleton said.

On top of the teen curfew crackdown, ride share zones are in operation.

Uber and Lyft drivers are being asked to only pickup and drop off passengers in designated areas. The hope is not to hinder the flow of traffic.

And just like teens breaking the curfew, drivers who do not pickup and drop off passengers in the proper areas could be ticketed.

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