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Survivor: Ghost Island - Episode Seven Recap - Gotta Risk It For The Biscuit

By Mickie McLeod

14 Castaways were left on Survivor: Ghost IslandThe merge is coming around the corner, and it could be anyone's game. Not one, not two, but THREE legendary relics are in this week's episode! Did you miss it? I'll always be here to recap!

Reward Challenge and Ghost Island

Any reward is nice, but steak is GREAT." - Jeff Probst

Oh yeah Probst, oh yeah.

That's right; this challenge was all about the reward of juicy steak, chicken kabobs, cooking spices, and a grill to cook it on! The second tribe to win reward would get only the chicken kabobs, and the losing tribe stays hungry!

The three tribes battled it out, walking inch by inch forward and back, balancing letter blocks onto a thin board. Each tribe had to spell out the word, "Reward" along with Ghost Island emblems vertically in a stack. The first tribe to balance their stack with only the movement of rope won the reward!

CBS "Survivor: Ghost Island" Reward Challenge.


CBS "Survivor: Ghost Island" Naviti Tribe: Chelsea Townsend, Donathan Hurley, Libby Vincek, and Bradley Kleihege.

It was the Naviti tribe who took the lead and won the steaks and chicken, followed by Yanuya. It seems that the Malolo tribe is simply cursed. Since Naviti won, they got to decide who from Malolo would spend the night at Ghost Island. To keep the "mystery" of the island still alive, they chose to send BACK Kellyn who has been there previously.

At Ghost Island, Kellyn received another Survivor, "Game of Chance." She had a one in three chance to win an advantage in this game. If she lost, however, she would have lost her vote at her next Tribal Council.

Since Kellyn played it safe at her last visit on Ghost Island, she says, "I gotta risk it for the biscuit" and plays. Luckily for her, the risk paid off! From Survivor's 34th season, "Game Changers" she received Michaela's original advantage. The advantage was initially for Michaela, but the season's winner, Sarah, found it instead. This advantage no longer holds the power to steal a vote, but Kellyn can now use it to add a vote! Is this the pivotal point of Kellyn's game?


Let's face it; the Malolo tribe is cursed. They're starving after losing the Reward Challenge, which makes them have lost eight out of nine challenges in this season! Malolo knows it's time for a change on the tribe and decides to burn their official flag. Will this losing streak finally be broken after this?

Meanwhile, Michael is undoubtedly nervous. He's feeling vulnerable, as he's the last original Malolo member of this current tribe. Aggressively, Michael hunts little by little and searches all over the island to find the Hidden Immunity Idol. He knows this is what he needs.

The Survivor Gods spoke to him and granted his wish, as he found a true Survivor classic, "fake idol." This fake idol was originally made from the legendary Survivor castaway, Ozzy, back in 16th Season, Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites. In 2007, Ozzy created this fake idol to save him. The phony idol did not save him, however, and each person who has ever touched it was voted off in Survivor.

Oh, did I mention what the fake idol is? As quoted by Micronesia castaway, Eliza, it's just an "effin' stick." Yes, this idol is just a stick.

This stick though has matured for over ten years on Ghost Island. Because of this, this stick is not only just a stick anymore. The stick has transformed and is now a powerful idol-stick, and it's all for Michael to use in his game! That's now two idols that Michael has found in this season so far! Keep an eye out for this guy.


Celebrate good times at the Naviti tribe! In this episode, the tribe celebrates their challenge victory, as they collectively take their time with preparing their dinner. Bradley on the other hand, is losing his patience.

Let's just say, Bradley is pretty hangry. He's quite snappy with his tribe and wants to eat right away. The snappiness isn't a great look for Bradley, and the rest of the tribe is getting turned off by his rude behavior.


At Yanuya, the tribe is very appreciative towards their dinner, especially Wendell. As a great boyfriend he is, he takes the time to acknowledge that it's his girlfriend's birthday and they even sing to her in spirit.

In honor of her, he reflects on his game and gains motivation to go off and look for an idol. Wendell claims he's been very attentive to the island and has paid attention to minor details. He's noticed a unique, quirky tree, and decides to go off and explore it a little more. At the tree, he found a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol.

From there, he followed the clue and found something big buried in the ground. This big thing wasn't just any idol; this was an original Immunity Idol from Michigan's own, Erik Reichenbach from Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites.

In Erik's season, he made it to the Final Five and won this beautiful Immunity necklace, which guaranteed him a spot in the Final Four. However, the women on his tribe deceived, tricked, and overall bamboozled him, and Erik decided to give up his idol! This incident and relic is true Survivor history, and Wendell now has his hands on this idol for himself!


The secret of this extra special Hidden Immunity-Immunity Idol is that it's been living on Ghost Island for a decade and it's now up to Wendell to reverse this ultimate, iconic curse.

Immunity Challenge

The Immunity Challenge "Cruel Sea" was intense. The three tribes had to dive into the ocean, swim to a steep tower, climb it, and then jump into the sea again to retrieve a total of six rings! The first two tribes that retrieved all six rings, toss them, and hook them to their post, won Immunity! It definitely looked like a fun one, and you can see more behind the scenes here!

Yanuya won the challenge first, and the second place was a close one! The burning of the flag must've worked after all, and the curse reversed. Malolo also won Immunity, which meant that Naviti was heading to Tribal Council.

CBS "Survivor: Ghost Island" Michael from Malolo.

Tribal Council

It's no surprise that everyone is still annoyed with Bradley. He's constantly talking down to others and isn't pleasant to many people on the tribe. Although he's been on everyone's nerves, Dom and Donathan are taking extra time to think about their votes since the merge is coming soon.

Libby was the other person on the chopping block with Bradley. She seems to be pretty sneaky this season, and she probably could deceive many people in the game. Thinking about the merge, Dom and Chelsea had discussed how they should stay true to their original alliance with Bradley, so they were nervous about voting him out yet.

At Tribal, Bradley states to Probst that he thinks the tribe gets along "swimmingly." It may have been because of that weird phrase alone, and the tribe just had enough with his attitude. Behavior at camp could cause problems for sure, and that's exactly why Bradley was voted out on this episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

Wow, what an episode. Ozzy's, Michaela's, and Erik's authentic idols/advantage are now in possession! I can't wait to see the relics played... or will they after all? Will the curse be reversed? Tweet me @mick_cloudy and let's talk about this impressive season!

Don't miss Survivor: Ghost Island  Wednesday's at 8/7c on CBS and don't miss my recaps every week!

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