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Strange Graffiti Appearing On Southwest Planes

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Some mysterious graffiti has been appearing on the outside of some Southwest Airlines planes.  The placement of the images suggests that whoever is responsible had access to those jets.

The Dallas-based airline has launched an internal investigation.

The airline released this statement about the situation:

Southwest takes this behavior very seriously, and we will continue to involve local and federal law enforcement agencies as needed until the situation is resolved. We want to reassure customers and employees that safety is always our primary consideration, and the safety of our aircraft is in no way impacted by this act of vandalism.

"The fact remains that somebody got next to that airplane several times," said local aviation expert Denny Kelly. "(They accessed) several airplanes and did something that they shouldn't have done. And if they can do writing on the airplane, what else can they do? And the answer to that is obvious.  They can do anything."

And while passenger Jan Blundell is concerned, she's still going to catch her flight.  "I'm going to trust Southwest, that they're doing their job," she said.  "I like flying with them; they're a good company.  I trust they're taking all measures to fix the problem."

All types of employees have access to secured areas, from mechanics to airport staff and even caterers.  And some aviation experts say better screening procedures are needed.


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