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We are under a Thunderstorm Watch until 5pm. We have already had a slew of Thunderstorm Warnings this morning has a line of storms has formed ahead of cold front west of the metro area. Right now we are looking at two strong cells. One is approaching Jacksboro. The other is just to the west of Palo Pinto.


Hail 1.5" in diameter reported in Graham in Young County earlier this morning (7:50am). Warning continues for western Jack County until 10am. Storm moving NE at 45mph and is just 7 miles NW of Jacksboro. Quarter sized hail possible as it moves into city.


Rotating updraft on storm cell just north of Lone Camp and west of Palo Pinto.  Will get very near the town of Palo Pinto. Large hail is the main threat.


Garry getting ready to do a cut in for the Palo Pinto warning, impressive cell just west of Palo Pinto (city) moving NE at 40mph. Hitting Graford around 10:15am.


If you live in Fort Worth you are probably noticing the dark skies to your west. The line of storms still a couple hours away.


New warning out for eastern Jack and NW Palo Pinto county. Severe storm just NE of Graford over Oran heading into southern Jack County moving NE at 40mph.


Hail core spinning up over Santo in Palo Pinto County heading toward Mineral Wells.


Severe cell just south of Patillo in northern Erath County going to run up the Palo Pinto/Parker county line heading NNE at 40mph. 1.5" hail


Strong cell just south of Mineral Wells, north of I-20 is going to get into western Parker county. Just put a warning out on it. Storm moving NE at 35mph.


Severe storm crossing into eastern edge of Palo Pinto County heading NE at 35mph. In New Salem by 11:09, Brazos by 11:13.


Strongest cell of the day in the SW corner of Parker county heading NE at 35mph. In Weatherford around 11:35am. Large hail possible.


Cell over Brock moving closer to Weatherford. Warning out for Parker until 12:15pm


Heavy rain west side of town of Weatherford. Cell coming into town from the SW. Hail core not as strong as 15 minutes ago.


Larry is cutting in on this severe cell in Weatherford in Parker County.


Storm Chaser Jason McLaughlin in Weatherford, ping pong ball sized hail likely with this storm. Larry at the wall, Jeff Jamison driving the radar. Another severe cell in Jack County. These storms now less than an hour away from getting into Tarrant County.


New T'Storm warning out for Montague Co., in effect until 12:15.


The cell over Weatherford is starting to collapse, going to get some large hail and big winds. Severe cell over Montague heading into Bowie.


New T'Storm Warning for Erath and Palo Pinto til 12:30pm


Severe cell over western Erath heading NE at 35mph. Strong cell over Santo showing some spin: large hail possible.


Severe storm moving into Bowie and Fruitland.  Large hail possible. Storm will move into Montague.


New Mesoscale Discussion hints at possible Tornado Watch upgrade for our current Severe Storm Watch box:



The warning for Parker County is cancelled. The warning for Jack County expired at noon.


New T'Storm Warning for Hood and Erath County until 1pm. Severe storm south of Lipan moving NE at 30mph. Two cells ready to merge over the Palo Pinto and Parker county line.


Metroplex is now under a Tornado Watch until 8pm


New T'Storm Warning for Montague County until 1:15pm.


New T'storm warning for Johnson County until 1:15pm. This cell is just north of Cleburne heading toward Joshua and Burleson.


Larry doing another cut in, covering all the warnings in effect at the moment. Northern Johnson county getting lots lightning, storm moving NE at 35mph. Damaging winds possible. Warning continues for Jack County until 1pm.  Lots of activity over western half of Parker county and eastern Palo Pinto counties. Under a Tornado Watch until 8pm.


Intense lightning storm moving in Weatherford. T'Storm warning for Parker County continues.


Here is the Tornado Watch for our area:



Severe cell over northern Johnson County approaching Tarrant County. There is a boundary that is hanging over I-20 left over from last nights storms to our north. There is a chance the cell over Johnson county could get bigger. Already golfball sized hail being reported this cell. Warning continues to 1pm. Probably a warning for Tarrant county soon.


Storm over Parker county just south of Harmony has rotation with it. Large hail is probable.


Golf ball sized hail in storm over Burleson, this storm continue to tighten its roation increasing the hail threat. Moving north at 35mph into southern Fort Worth. funnel cloud being reported by a spotter.


Tornado Warning for Johnson and Tarrant County till 1:33pm. Storm near Joshua moving NE at 25mph.


We are seeing the possible tornado that near Dallas County/Ellis county line.


We've been on air non stop. Two tornadoes in the ground, one in Dallas and one in Tarrant counties. Please turn to CBS11 for live coverage. This is a very dangerous situation.


Coverage starting to shift to news coverage of extensive damage. Right now seeing many homes damaged in south Arlington. Still have Tornado Warnings out for counties east of Dallas. Fort Worth and Dallas cleared from storms.


Tornado Emergency for Hunt County and the city of Greenville


Radar shows rotation between Dixon and Greenville, also rotation in a storm that passed right over Greenville.


I apologize for the long gap in updates during the Tornado outbreak. Jeff and I were operating the two radar systems (the NWS Dopplar radar in Tarrant Co) and our own radar (in Parker County) while Larry was live on air at the green screen. When a tornado is on the ground please tune into CBS 11.


Possible tornado now moving toward Commerce, this was the storm that moved over Greenville in Hunt County.


Still watching rotating cell moving up State Hwy 224 heading toward Commerce


No report of damage in Greenville though golf ball size hail reported just south of town. Tornado Warning continue for Delta and Lamar Counties until 5:45pm


Tornado Warning for Hopkins Co.

Area of heavy rain and possible small hail going on along I-75 just east of Plano heading toward McKinney.


Larry and Jeff Jamison are going to continue coverage into the night. I'll be heading home to get a little sleep so I can join you again in the morning tomorrow. Jeff Ray out.

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