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Standoff Between Snakes & Young Southlake Girl Ends With 'Daring' Drainage Pipe Rescue

SOUTHLAKE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — A young girl's outdoor adventure, after spending time in quarantine at home in North Texas, ended underground in a snake standoff.

According to Southlake DPS, after lunch and finishing homework, sisters Tori and Carly were allowed to play outside. At some point, Tori made the decision to crawl into a drainage pipe.

Southlake kid snake 1
(credit: Southlake DPS)

Officials say she climbed through the tight tunnel and then turned around to go back when she saw a large, black snake. It was later determined that the 12-year-old had seen a rat snake, but it probably seemed larger and more ominous to the girl so going out the way she came in was no longer an option.

Southlake kid snake 3
(credit: Southlake DPS)

The tween, reportedly wiggled past a storm grate and tried to escape through another drainage pipe but, like a scene from 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', there was another large black snake there too. Sister Carly prepared to crawl in to help, but she saw the second snake and decided against it.

"At first I was wondering if it was like a pipe in there but then I saw scales and was terrified," said Tori.

It was dark and difficult to see, but soon she realized...

"I think it was all black, it was pretty big so I didn't really want to go under it. And then the second snake I saw it looked black and white."

Deciding there was no other option, Carly ran back home to get their mother, but alas even her attempts to lift the heavy grate were futile.

Tori was then given the choice to crawl past one of the snakes or call the Southlake Police and Fire Departments to rescue her... she chose the latter.

Southlake kid snake 2
(credit: Southlake DPS)

Crews arrived in minutes and it only took about 90 seconds to get the grate off and rescue the girl.

For the record, Southlake officials want the public to know that no snakes were harmed in the rescue.


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