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Spoiler Alert: Star Of '1883' Explains Why Scene Pushed Him To Tears

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - Who needs Hollywood to shoot scenes of the Wild West and cowboys when you have Fort Worth?

That's exactly the thinking from those behind the hit Paramount series, 1883.

The show is the prequel to the record setting series Yellowstone, which has quickly become the most watched cable and streaming show currently.

CBS 11 News caught up with Eric Nelsen, of 1883 to talk about his character "Ennis", a lovestruck cowboy and filming in Fort Worth.

Nelsen spoke about the popularity of Yellowstone and 1883.

"It truly feels like we are just on this rocket heading to the moon, and it was so unexpected but at the same time we came into this with such a blessing because Yellowstone had teed us up, but it also came with some really big shoes to fill. You know we have to live up to the expectation of what Yellowstone has become."

Nelsen's character "Ennis" has quickly become a fan favorite with tons of praise. He said shooting the scenes in Cowtown made it a lot easier to get into the role.

Nelsen added, "In our case we are filming in Fort Worth, talking about Fort Worth, being Fort Worth cowboys on the show. It just leant itself to this level of authenticity. It was incredible."

He said working alongside actors like Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Isabel May was a great joy, and support from the local Fort Worth community has helped, too.

"They are just so nice because I think they are so grateful that we are shedding light on their city, their town, and their history. Whereas if you are filming in L.A., you are always in someone's way. No one wants you there. They try and do thing to make it more difficult on you, But here, everyone just has open arms."


Nelsen also spoke about his character's exit from the series in episode 5. Fans found it unexpected and shocking, and the actor said he had to keep the dramatic death under wraps the whole time.

When speaking about the scene he said it became very emotional on set.

"All the emotion happening around me, and mind you our whole crew is crying when this is filming... There wasn't a dry eye anywhere."

While Ennis may have made an early exit on 1883, Nelsen said he has projects in the works, which he can't publicly speak about.

"As of right now, nothing publicly I can share but I will say having worked with Taylor Sheridan in the last six months I've loved every second of it, and I hope staying in the 'Sheridan universe' is something I hope to do for a long time."

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