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Slain Euless Police Officer's Sister Posts Touching Tribute Online

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(CBSDFW.COM) - The sister of Euless Police officer David Stefan Hofer, 29, who was killed in the line of duty in March 2016, posted an emotional blog post about her loss.

My Brother Was Killed Because He Wore A Uniform details the actions of a "deranged young man" (Jorge Brian Gonzalez, 22) who ambushed Officer Hofer, fatally shooting him the head.

Meret Hofer's post gives insight into her brother's life, who was born into a liberal, academic family, attended private school in Brooklyn Heights (where he was a puppeteer, poet and Chinese language student), and later New York University. Like many Americans, the September 11 terror attacks forever changed Hofer's life, leading him to join the NYPD after college.

Hofer memorial in NYC
NYPD officers line up as the the ashes of former NYPD officer David Hofer, who served in Manhattans Ninth Precinct for five years, are carried into Saint Patrick's Cathedral by officers of the Euless, Texas Police Department. (credit: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

The post calls out people who were "tempted to mourn Hofer's loss as an "exceptional officer in an otherwise problematic institution." Boris writes that that is a mistake and explains:

"There are countless reasons why my brother should be alive today, chief among them to give lessons to us all about how to care for one another. Yet, in that regard my brother is not an exception. There are many caring police officers who do good in an incredibly challenging profession. Unfortunately, we tend not to honor these officers. Rather, what makes the news out of the millions of positive interactions officers have with people daily are the very small number of these interactions that devolve into an abuse of power.  Most officers want to and do do their jobs well. They want to keep our streets safe. They want to help those who need help. They want to solve problems in their communities. However, instead of becoming teachers or social workers or psychologists, they chose to make a difference as a first responder, navigating the acute emergencies and difficulties that crop up in each of our lives."

Meret Hofer wrote about what made her brother "remarkable" and stressed the importance of dedicated first responders who protect our communities. The post cautions about being led astray by "negative assumptions about what it means to wear a uniform, just as we cannot allow ourselves to be guided by assumptions about what it means to come from a certain zip code or have a certain skin color."

My Brother Was Killed Because He Wore A Uniformwhile no doubt inspired from tragedy, offers hope and gives the reader a sense of healing and hope that just as Hofer believed, one person can bridge worlds.

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