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Returning Twinkies Will "Live" Longer On Store Shelves

Twinkies - Hostess
Hostess Twinkies. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Countdown clocks continue to tick towards the return of the Twinkie! And though it's hard to imagine it's even possible, when the yellow, cream-filled, spongy cakes return to store shelves next week they'll have an even longer shelf life.

There's been a long repeated urban legend that Twinkies last forever. That certainly has never been the case, but lovers of the snack cake will get an extra 19 days to devour their treat.

According to the revamped Hostess brand, when the golden sponge cakes hit store shelves next week the will have a life expectancy of 45 days – up from the original 26 days.

The upcoming uber-long shelf life isn't the result of anything done by new Twinkies owners Apollo Global Management and C. Dean Metropoulous & Co., the former Irving-based Hostess Brands LLC made the shelf life change last year and the better, stronger and faster Twinkies were actually in stores in November, just before the company liquidated.

The former Irving-based Hostess stopped making cakes and breads late last year after announcing they were going out of business and selling its brands.

According to the Wall Street journal, some 50 million Twinkies will hit stores on July 15. And to further extend the expiration date, some unnamed retailers are even asking the company to freeze the Twinkies before shipping them.

As for what exactly was added or taken away to make Twinkies last longer… Hostess isn't saying.

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