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Restaurant Publicly Shames Family On Facebook For Child Taking Waitress' Tip; Money Returned

MANSFIELD, Texas (CBSDFW.COM)A Mansfield restaurant says a family caught taking a waitress' tip has repaid the money after being publicly shamed on its Facebook page.

Surveillance video shows a young girl pick up a five dollar bill, as a hostess seats her family at their table Monday morning.

"When the little girl took the money, she showed her parents," said Our Place Restaurant owner, Benji Arslanovski.  "If my son did that and it's not my money, I'd give him a look and he'd put it down, so I was waiting for that look. And, it didn't happen."

Instead, a camera caught the girl slip it under her menu.

Her parents appear to notice and do nothing.

Our Place Restaurant surveillance
Our Place Restaurant surveillance

Arslanovksi says his waitress had spotted the tip from a previous customer but didn't want to bother the family already seated.

"She thought maybe it got under a sugar caddy, jelly caddy," he said. "Of course, when they left, there was no tip there."

A review of security footage showed the girl pocketing the money.

Within hours of posting the video to Facebook, Arslanovski says the girl's mother was back with the money.

"Our rule is if you make it right, we delete our post off Facebook," he said.

The restaurant has called out customers before, who've left without paying.

"If it's obvious their intention is to walk out, we post a video of them walking out,"  he said. "We've had eight so far and I think all but two have come back and paid their bill."

He considers the approach better than calling police.

"It takes them away from major issues that they have to take care of in the city," he said.

He also believes it's kinder to everyone involved.

"We've had people tell me that. 'Thank you for not calling the police, for letting me make things right'," he said.

Arslanovski says the girl's mother claimed they believed the money belonged to them.

He's not convinced, but has removed the video from the restaurant's Facebook page, as promised.

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