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'I'm Packing Up': Residents Fed Up With Air Conditioning Issues At Dallas Apartment Complex

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - There is a growing frustration at a Dallas apartment complex dealing with ongoing air conditioning issues. Residents told CBS 11 a week ago that they were being forced to buy their own air conditioning units.

The situation hasn't changed for some residents as they deal with little to no cooling in their apartments. One woman said she's so fed up that she plans on moving out.

The Entro at Midtown
The Entro at Midtown apartment complex in Dallas (CBS11)

"I'm packing up, so that's the number one resolution. Moving out," said Deidra Johnson.

For nearly a month, residents at The Entro at Midtown apartments have been dealing with these issues during the blistering heat.

"This has been an ongoing issue. We have a chiller system that's used to cool the entire complex. Since the last weekend of June, the chiller system has been out," said Johnson.

The lack of steady air conditioning has forced her and her dog to find other options.

"Sometimes when it's extremely hot, I'll even stay at my friend's house or change my work schedule so that I'm out of town Monday through Thursday so I can work out of town and stay at an air-conditioned hotel," said Johnson.

Residents told CBS 11 they bought fans and were told by management that they would be reimbursed for half the cost.

"I've spent about $150 to $175 in fans at Target... getting a window unit to help cool my bedroom at night," said Johnson.

The community director for the apartment complex sent a statement to CBS 11 that read in part:

"The Entro did not ask residents to pay for half of the cost of the window units. We have been supplying free window units to affected residents at no cost to them. Full service plumbing and mechanical crews have been working steadfastly around the clock to fix the system."

Johnson said the repairs will be a welcome relief for neighbors struggling with the heat.

"It's disheartening to walk around the complex with my dog at 10 p.m. and see senior citizens leaning out of their door just to catch a breeze," said Johnson.

The apartment complex said it plans to repair or replace the entire system if needed. Residents said they have not been told how long that will take.

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