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Progress Made On Street Repairs Since Dallas Voters Approved 2017 Bond Program

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - More than one year after Dallas residents gave the green light to a bond program to fix up the streets, the city has worked on dozens of projects.

Resident Meosha Gaines is pleased.

"I hope the roads won't have the lumps, you know the roads will have lumps and cracks. I hope they get rid of that," said Gaines.

The 2017 bond program is for five years. It's worth nearly $534 million and includes 1,037 projects.

Thirty projects are underway now and 142 are completed.

So far, the city has awarded $53 million.

Dallas street repairs
Dallas street repairs (CBS 11)

The 2017 bond will resurface about 567 miles of lanes and reconstruct 82 miles of lanes given the grade of "C", "D" and "E", the lowest in the city.

That's 8.9 percent of the total lanes in those conditions, which amounts to 7,289 miles of streets.

Aside from the bond, the city is spending additional money between 2018-2022, to resurface 280 miles of streets.

So the 2017 Bond and non-bond funds will total 929 miles of resurfacing and reconstruction and will provide maintenance to 12.7 percent of streets in "C" to "E" condition.

The road reconstruction projects cost more and take more time to plan, so many of the street resurfacing projects will come first.

Robert Perez, interim Public Works Director for the City of Dallas said, "We moved onto the lesser expense projects such as those resurfacing projects. While we do anticipate a five year delivery for the overall bond, the resurfacing projects we do anticipate having done in four years."

He said the city has set up a new office to ensure the projects are completed on time. "Previously, it was left up to individual departments to oversee that work. The newly created office will actually help us oversee that and be a lot more transparent to the leadership within the city of Dallas but also to the residents."

The 2017 bond program does not cover potholes because the city uses general revenues to fix those.

The city says 98 percent of the potholes are repaired within five days.

The city surpassed its goal of repairing 34,100 potholes during the last fiscal year ending September 30.

Instead, it fixed 52,033 potholes during that time.

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