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Possible Fountain Of Youth For Your Follicles

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PLANO (CBS11) - The bob, the bang, the pony, the bun--the hair always looks better if it is thicker!

But, is there a magic potion to treat thinning hair? A North Texas doctor says he has found the fountain of youth for your follicles.

Dallas resident Suzanne Jaros has tried it and said it works. Jaros said she wore her hair extremely short for years while battling genetically thin hair.

"I didn't have the thick pony tail or the braids when you go skiing," said Jaros looking back at her hair when she was younger.

hair vitamins

She wishes she had known then what she is trying now. It's a daily shampoo and conditioner, hair supplements and a product called, Formula 82 M.

"At four months, (the doctor) looked at my scalp under the microscope and he saw all these little hairs. He said, 'The medication woke up your follicles.' "

Jaros said she is seeing thickness in the top of her head and her sides are finally growing out.

"My follicles were sleeping," said Jaros.

"The foundation of hair health starts under the scalp, " said Dr. Joseph Yaker, a hair restoration surgeon from Plano.

"It's improving on what we've had since 1988" said Dr. Yaker. "Anybody can tell you to go to Walgreens."

But Dr. Yaker said Formula 82 M is different. It requires a prescription.

He said it contains more of the active ingredient, minoxidil which is typically found in other options. He says it also has retinoic acid which is clinically proven to make the minoxidil work better. It also contains a low dose steroid which helps calm irritation, a side effect of some products.

hair vitamins
Formula 82M (CBS11)

He also said it is not greasy.

Jaros agreed. "It's clear like water... You can go to work."

But Dr. Yaker said it is a three step process. He encourages his patients to also take his vitamins which contain the amino acids that form keratin for stronger hair.

He also recommends his patients use his pH-balanced shampoo and conditioner daily.

"That plaque layer is actually plugging up our pores so just like we wash and exfoliate our skin every day. We can't neglect our scalp, " said Dr. Yaker.

Tori Harris has owned Studio One-Ten in Dallas for 17 years. She said she has never believed in a hair thickening product until now.

"One of my clients started using it and didn't tell me and I was amazed at the results," said Harris.

Harris and other hairdressers have only one warning--the results take up to four months. And Dr. Yaker agrees.

"It's gradual but the hair does feel so much thicker once you start using the vitamins and the drops, " said Libbie O'Neal who also works at Studio One-Ten.

But the hairdressers disagree with Dr. Yaker on one step. "I don't agree with washing our hair everyday," said Harris.

They believe you can skip a day and you can use any shampoo as long it contains a pH-balance between between 4.5 and 5. 5. They said that is not always the case in store bought brands.

Otherwise, these hair gurus all agree that the new formula and the vitamins are creating thicker bobs, bangs and buns.

Harris repeatedly said, "The results are amazing."

Dr. Yaker said this works for men but he recommends they try other treatments first.

Fore more information about Dr. Yaker, click here.

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