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Police Search Car Of Man Last Seen With Christina Morris

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PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) - Plano police have searched the car of the man last seen with missing Fort Worth woman Christina Morris.

Morris last seen entering a parking garage at the Shops at Legacy, in the early morning hours of August 30, with a high school acquaintance, Enrique Arochi.

According to the warrant, which was executed in September, police searched Arochi's 2010 Chevrolet Camaro for bodily fluids, hair and DNA evidence. The warrant does not say what was found.

Police also say Arochi has made many false statements over the course of the investigation, which have hindered detectives, including lying about contacting Morris' boyfriend right after she disappeared.


Arochi's phone shows that calls and text messages were sent to Morris' boyfriend, Hunter Foster, at 3:50, 3:53, and 3:55 the morning of her disappearance.  Arochi initially denied that he spoke to Morris after they left a mutual friend's nearby apartment to walk to their cars.  But when police traced calls and texts to Foster on his phone, Arochi changed his story and told police that he let Morris borrow his phone and that she must have placed the calls and texts.

Police also say Arochi lied about where he parked his car the night Morris disappeared.  He said he did not park in the same garage as Morris.  But when police showed him surveillance video of his car driving out of the same garage, he admitted he did park there.  Detectives believe Morris may have been in his car when he drove out of the garage at 3:58 a.m.  Arochi has told police that Morris has never been in his car.

According to the warrant, police are also investigating damage to Arochi's car, which was repaired after Morris' disappearance.  Police say they have video of Arochi examining and cleaning unusual parts of his car at a grocery store in Allen, hours after Morris disappeared.  Police obtained that video on September 24.

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Arochi had bruising to his "bruising to his right forearm" and "abrasions to his right hand" following Morris' disappearance and told police that he had punched his car fender.  But police took pictures of the damage to an auto repair shop, which found the damage inconsistent with his story.

One of Arochi's coworkers also told police that he "looked like s***," was walking with a limp and had a visible bite mark on his arm the day after Morris disappeared.  Arochi told the coworker he had been in a fight the day before.

Arochi told police that he took Adderall and consumed 10 shots of liquor and 3-5 beers on the day Morris disappeared.

Arochi says he has a prescription for Adderall and maintains he had nothing to do with Morris' disappearance.

He denies his injuries had anything to do with Morris, saying they happened before she disappeared.  "I didn't have any bite marks on my arm, I had an accident that day changing my tire – and there's proof of that cause I texted my girlfriend telling her I was changing my tires and that's been cleared," said Arochi.

"The inconsistency was where I parked because both parking lots look exactly identical," continued Arochi in an interview with KRLD 1080. "And I don't have a sense of direction so I didn't really know where I parked."

Arochi says he has been told by Plano police that he is not a suspect, only a person of interest, and he says he does not feel like a suspect.


August 30 (3:55 a.m.): Morris last seen

August 30 (10:15 a.m.): Arochi Scrubs Car at Kroger (surveillance footage)

September 2: Morris reported missing

September 3:  Arochi interviewed twice

September 4:  Arochi's car searched

September 8: car damage examined (inconsistent with Arochi's explanation)

September 10: Arochi's coworker interviewed

September 24: Police obtain surveillance video from Kroger in Allen

September 26: Search warrant issued for car

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