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Police Complete Investigation Into Deadly Irving Canal Crash

LAS COLINAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Irving accident investigators have determined the car driven by Southlake attorney Ronald Eddins was traveling so fast that it was out of control for the length of two football fields.

Eddins, 21-year-old Kaat Paula Debeuckelaer of Colleyville and 23-year-old Kenneth Joseph Lark of Austin were all killed in a crash that ended in the Las Colinas canal off Northwest Highway.

Officer John Argumaniz, with the Irving Police Department, said the Porsche Panamera Eddins was driving hit says the four curbs before sailing 95 feet in the air.

"As it was in the air it then stuck the guardrail with enough force to rip the guardrail from where it was secured to the cement," detailed Argumaniz. "The vehicle then traveled across the canal and struck the other side of the canal."

The vehicle was found in the canal on January 4 after staffers with the Dallas County Water Utility and Reclamation District saw something strange.

The workers noticed debris in the area and guardrail damage along a nearby bridge. The team then found something in the water that resembled a car, so they called for assistance.

The bodies of Eddins and Debeuckelaer were found still inside the car. The body of Lark, who was ejected from the vehicle, wasn't found until a day later.

Argumaniz said an accident reconstruction team could not determine the exact speed of the car.

"From the first impact, that the investigators were able to find, to the resting point of the vehicle was close to 600 feet that the vehicle traveled," said Argumaniz. "So, that would put the speed of the vehicle well in excess of the posted speed limit."

The Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office has already determined that the force of the accident, not drowning, caused the death of everyone in the vehicle.

Toxicology tests are being done to determine if anyone was under the influence of alcohol. The results could take weeks. The group had been seen at a hotel bar just hours before the crash.

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