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Police Believe Plano Burglars Are Sitting, Casing Neighborhoods

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COLLIN COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) - In Collin County, between the borders of Alma Drive, Custer Road and Plano Parkway and Parker Road, there have been nine home burglaries in the last month.

Police in Plano believe there are at least two burglary suspects who have traveled to crime scenes in a white SUV. What's more frightening is that police think the thieves may be sitting on the street, watching people leave their homes.

As she opened a window, burglary victim Kathy Aten explained, "They just broke through glass, pounded it with a brick.'

Aten and her husband returned from vacation to find their home violated. "Glass everywhere, glass on the bed, glass under the bed," she recalled. "I just thought, 'Ha. What a mess.'"

While the house was in shambles, the couple only found one thing missing. Aten said, "I had a ring box." It contained Aten's jewelry collection.

While the jewelry box contained several items, Aten said her most devastating loss was the original wedding ring her husband gave her 39 years ago. "It wasn't big or expensive or anything, but it had sentimental value."

Police suspect the same group, of two or more thieves, is behind all of the nine recent burglaries in Plano. The criminals usually smash through side or rear home windows to enter. Their first stop is usually the master bedroom, where they search for jewelry.

Like most burglary victims, Atens says the incident has left her feeling uneasy. "You feel violated. You feel uncomfortable knowing someone was in your house, unbeknownst to you."

While the couple is increasing security around their home, they are hopeful their first home will also be their last.

One of the reasons police suspect that the burglars are casing locations is because most of the thefts have taken place between six and nine in the evening -- a time when many people are at home.

To date, no residents have been home when their homes were burgled.

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