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Pokémon GO Players Keep 'Poking' Despite Data Drain

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DALLAS (CSBDFW.COM) - By now, we all know what Pokémon GO is but do you know how much data you're using when you're poking around for pokestops?

"It's not horrid but you have to keep in mind it's an online game so it depends on communicating with servers," said SMU Professor of Information and Technology Allen Gwinn.

Gwinn is also a proud Pokémon GO player.

"I'm a level 10 and by the end of this interview I'm going to be a level 11," said Gwinn.

Gwinn plays the wildly popular game a few times a week.

The app has used 64 mega bytes of his data during the last month or so.

Ten more mega bytes than his waze app but much less than the Google play store.

"It pales in comparison to just the stuff that the operating system does," said Gwinn.

Gwinn said it's not downloading photos or auto-playing videos like many other data draining aps on your phone.

"It's definetly one of my top users of data but it's not horrid," said Gwinn.

Still, he recommends upping your plan if you're light on data.

"I would encourage a minimum of 5 gigabytes of data a month," said Gwinn.

While looking for Pokémon GO lures won't destroy your data, the app will drain your battery.

Pokémon GO was dubbed a "phone battery vampire" by tech experts.

"If you want to see your battery go from here to here in record time, just go play Pokémon GO," said Gwinn.

Gwinn carries around an extra battery that runs on solar power.

"You could take one of these and probably find every Pokemon in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin and still have power left over," said Gwinn.

Experts recommend turning off any apps you don't need while playing the game, turning off the augmented reality feature on your phone and activating the battery saver mode in the settings section of Pokémon GO.

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