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Plugged In To DFW: Tips To Keeping Those New Year's Resolutions

Breakthrough coach Dr. Wayne Pernell, joins us in studio to talk about how with the right tools, anyone can reach and achieve breakthrough levels of personal and professional success.


The G-I-F-T of four steps to resolution keeping:

Gratitude for what you actually have already. That body you so desperately want to change? Be grateful because it's the body that's going to work through the change. That job you have that you need to up-level? Yes, it gave you the skills you need to launch to the next place.

Initiate doing something, anything toward your next goal. Did you lay out your clothes for the workout? Did you throw out that candy in the cupboard? One small step is all it takes to get over inertia and build momentum.

Follow-through is so important. You've taken a step, now start thinking about the next step you could do. You got up and got out and you… what's next? Do that one next thing. Building on success makes all the difference.

Tinker with your routine. People need to have predictability in their lives, but when something becomes routine it becomes boring. Change it up and start the GIFT process all over again!



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