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Plano Apartment Pooch Poop To Be DNA Tested To Clean Up Yard

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) - Doggie 'doo' is apparently enough of a problem in some North Texas apartment complexes that DNA is needed.   The Northside at Legacy apartment complex is going to "Poo-prints" to keep their residents' dogs' DNA on file.

Reaction, understandably, is mixed.  "I think it's a little crazy," said resident David Sands.

It's a new policy for Northside at Legacy.  Fido must have his mouth swabbed for DNA.  Later, any droppings not picked up can be traced back to Fido's owner.   "I was a little surprised," said Sands, "usually because I pick up after myself... most people do. But I was surprised myself. Especially the fine. Being $250 is a little pricey."

One recurring defense owners told CBS 11 News is the area reportedly isn't particularly well-lit.  And after dark it's sometimes it's sometimes hard, they say, to know when your dog is going to stop....and go.

Northside at Legacy is one of Lincoln Properties' many holdings in North Texas.  A similar notice went out at Parkside at Firewheel.

Cedric Moses runs PooPrints, Texas, the doggie DNA testing service, and says more complexes will join in, some in Fort Worth.  "They're just giving them a grace period of a month or maybe a week to come in and bring your pet to basically have it swabbed," he said adding, "What we've seen is, when you start hitting people in their pocket they start paying attention, they start understanding, 'Hey, this is an environmental issue.'"

Through a public relations agency Northside at Legacy says "The goal of this program is to help maintain a clean and sanitary environment for all of our residents.

There is no cost to current residents. Pets are an important part of our lives and this helps make sure that our pets can be good neighbors."   Northside at Legacy resident Lance Mercer agrees.  "Actually, I think it's a really good idea, it's a non-invasive procedure for the pets and from what I understand it's no extra cost to the residents.  And if you're picking up after your pets there's nothing to worry about."

Residents there have until February 16 to comply.

Northside at Legacy can be found on the web at    PooPrints-Texas can be found at

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