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Oregon Dog Reunites With North Texas Family After Owner Dies

(CBSDFW.COM) - Three weeks has felt like a lifetime for Susan Cox, who reunited with her son's dog on Wednesday afternoon.

Cox's son, Trey, died on July 4 while taking a nap. Cox says he struggled with blood clots. Thankfully, the grieving mother tells CBS 11 News, Trey didn't die alone -- Cami was there for him during his last breath.

"She was his soulmate and vice versa. And Cami being there with him for his final transition, I feel that it was supposed to be," an emotional Cox shared.

After her son's passing, Cox, who lives in Texas, had trouble transferring Cami - who lived in Oregon with Trey - to her home.

Luckily, Danielle Stewart, CEO of Apollo Support and Rescue, volunteered to help make the dire reunification happen.

"I just lost my brother on March 30. My brother was found dead and that loss was just overwhelming with grief so when I saw this mother losing their son, it just really hit home for me and I knew I had to bring this dog back home to the family," Stewart told CBS 11.

While Cox says she and Cami are still grieving, getting through this time together is all she can ask for. "She's gonna know immediately that I have his energy and he's with me and I feel that he's here now too," said Cox.

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