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One Man CAN Make A Difference

If the Cowboys truly do have Dez Bryant's interest in mind, and I believe that they do, then they need to hire Tony Dungy to be his personal support system.

Dungy knows a thing or two about being a mentor. He's helped out countless NFL Players, he's been the ultimate father figure to players and people in need to some guidance, and unlike many of the people in and around the life of Dez Bryant, Dungy won't have his hand out for money.

See, that to me is the biggest issue with the people around Dez, they aren't looking out for him, but for themselves. They see a kid who grew up with nothing. A kid who didn't have a home life, and a kid who, lets face it, didn't need an education. Football was his classroom, it got him his paycheck, it got him to a place where he can walk away from the streets. He simply has been pulled back there by people who aren't his real friends.

Like all young men, Dez needed a strong male figure in his life. He didn't necessarily have that as a youth, and all of this sleaze that surrounds him now is trying to be that father figure, hoping that Dez will do for them what most athletes do for their fathers. Pay them.

Dungy doesn't need the money. He doesn't want the money. Tony Dungy is a man of exceptional character, a man of faith, a real man. Unlike the cling-ons in Dez's life right now, Dungy will ONLY have the best interests of Dez Bryant in mind. Coach Dungy would do for Dez what he did for Michael Vick, getting him back to a position where he could succeed.

The saddest part of this whole situation is that the only person that I can 100% say has the best interest of Dez Bryant in mind is Jerry Jones. Think about that. Imagine if the only person out there who was looking out for you in your life at 23 years old wasn't a parent, a grandparent or a friend...but your boss? Its troubling at best. Incomprehensible sounds more like it.

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