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Officials: No Fault Of Ellis County Staff After Baby Born In Jail Dies

ELLIS COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) - Authorities in Ellis County said they are "confident" there is no one on the jail or medical staff that's at fault after a baby, who was born in jail, died in May.

According to authorities, Shaye Marie Bear gave birth to her premature infant while in the Ellis County jail on May 17. She was transported to a hospital for medical treatment while her baby was taken to Cook Children's hospital.

On Saturday, May 26, the infant, named "Baby Bear," was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Ellis County deputies arrested Shaye Bear on March 10 for possession of a controlled substance. They said Bear hid the substance in her vagina.

Authorities said although she received extensive medical treatment and regular care including prenatal care, she consistently refused certain treatments that were made available to her.

At a hearing on May 17, Bear admitted to a history of using meth while she was pregnant. She also admitted she gave birth to a child in Dallas County jail while she was charged with a felony drug offense.

Bear told the judge at her hearing that she didn't receive any medical care for her child before being taken to Ellis County jail. She also said she knew she was pregnant when she hid the substance in her vagina while knowing it was a dangerous behavior.

During the hearing, authorities said the judge told Bear, "I think that you and I know for sure your baby is safer right now." That same evening after the hearing, Bear gave birth in jail.

Multiple witnesses were interviewed by authorities regarding the birth. According to them, Bear consistently showed antipathy toward her unborn baby and that her conduct was noted as "being detrimental to the life of Baby Bear." Those interviewed included jail staff, medical staff and inmates housed with Bear.

Authorities released a statement Tuesday saying, "In conclusion, we are confident there was no fault by Ellis County jail staff or medical staff."

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