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NTTA Targeting Top 100 Toll Violators

IRVING (CBSDFW.COM) - The North Texas Tollway Authority is targeting dozens of toll violators.

The agency has posted a list online featuring the top 100 violators, and some of them owe more money than most people make in a year. In fact, there are 22 people on the list who have toll bills topping six figures.

"Ignoring it doesn't make it go away and doesn't make it better," said Michael Rey of the NTTA, who says the agency is ready to play hardball.

The No. 1 violator, named by the NTTA as Amber Young, has more than 8,000 unpaid tolls totalling nearly $180,000. The next four people on the list -- Jonathan Arteaga, Dawn H. Henry, Earlene Love and Tarmeka Fleming -- all owe more than $130,000. The NTTA hopes that putting their names online will help to keep drivers more accountable.

Those drivers who made the list have been previously billed, and have invoices which are more than 180 days old. The NTTA wants to avoid taking those violators to court, and hopes that the online list will get people to pay up and prevent further enforcement.

The authority claims it's owed more than $17 million in nearly 14 million of unpaid transactions. But when administrative fees and late charges are added, that total ballons to nearly $300 million.

"So fair warning," Reye said, "If you're on the list, there will be further action; best to take care of it now."

Young was unable to be located. At another home in Frisco, where a woman said to owe nearly $180,000 resides, the residents had been evicted.

CBS 11 did reach one person who called the process unfair. The man, who lives in Arakansas, claims he didn't know his car was being used here and said the NTTA didn't notify him in a timely manner. Further, he claims when he did write them, they ignored him and he vowed to fight it in court. Rey believes the NTTA will be ready.

"I can assure you, if he sent a payment for the bill due to the NTTA, that would've gotten through just fine," he said. "Now, if he's disputing that bill, I would urge him to contact the NTTA."

You can check out the list of the top 100 violators, as well as a complete 751-page list of people who owe more than $2,500, on the NTTA's website.

Bud Gillett contributed to this report

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