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North Texas Storms Bring Out Snakes, Homeowners On Edge

TARRANT COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – The recent storms, heavy rains and floods that have hit North Texas have caused many snakes onto porches and back yards of urban homes, according to wildlife experts.

As a result many homeowners across the region say they have been dealing with fears and concerns about the possibility that those snakes are venomous.

Mike Jackson, is a wildlife trapping and removal expert for Wildlife X Team in Tarrant County.

He says his phone has been ringing non-stop with calls of frightened people needing snakes removed from their homes.

CBS 11 News tagged along with Jackson as he answered a pair of calls regarding the highly venomous water moccasin. In both cases the home owners reporting seeing the snakes slithering in their backyard and hiding under concrete slabs.

"They like quiet, dark areas," said Jackson.

He warned home owners who see water moccasins to not approach them unless they know for certain they are dealing with a non-venomous snake. Even then he advised people use caution when trying to get close to the snakes.

He said the best advice is always to call a snake removal expert to avoid the possibility of coming across a venomous snake.

Jackson added, "If you do see a snake and the person doesn't know what it is… then call somebody."

Experts say as long as the wet weather continues across DFW you can expect more displaced snakes to pop up in people's yards.

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