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North Texas Restaurants Struggling With Food Shortages

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - North Texas is experiencing food and product shortages.

Some restaurants, with limited supplies, are scrambling to please customers.

"Everyday is a struggle right now! We got a lot of change happening right now. Every day is a different challenge," said Eno's Pizza Tavern Co-owner, Shane Spillers.

He's referring to the food and supplies shortage his restaurant has been experiencing for 15 months.

The co-owner says, since the state opened back up to 100% in May, it's gotten especially bad.

The Texas Restaurant Association says the state is also strapped for things like milk, cooking oil, and chicken.

"There was a breeding issue. Last quarter, there was a 22% increase in demand and an 8% shortage in supply," explained the Texas Restaurant Association. "Outside of chicken, everything else pretty much has to do with the overall supply chain and logistics of transportation."

While there isn't a specific solution to help restaurants offset product scarcity, food businesses are encouraged to expand their menus if needed.

"If you're a restaurant that has based their entire restaurant on chicken wings, it's possible that now, you're a chicken wing and thigh restaurant," said the Texas Restaurant Association.

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