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North Texas Republicans Praising Message Of Party's National Convention

(CBSDFW.COM) - North Texas Republicans, including a candidate for Congress, are praising the message of their party's national convention.

Genevieve Collins, who's running for the 32nd Congressional District, said Wednesday she's focused on the economy and that the Republican National Convention is helping her message by profiling real people who have succeeded because of President Donald Trump's policies. "We are a party of 330 million Americans, not just one American, which is kind of what the DNC was positioning last week, solely talking about Donald Trump. We're talking about the economy, actually listening to what's going on in our communities."

Collins is running as a small business owner focused on solving the district's problems.

She said First Lady Melania Trump's speech Tuesday night was moving. "It's been inspiring to see how our party's coming together. I thought First Lady Melania was spectacular last night. She covered an array of issues, really spoke to our country in a way that I've not heard her do before."


She is trying to unseat Democratic congressman Colin Allred, who beat incumbent Republican Pete Sessions two years ago.

Four years ago, Hillary Clinton beat then-candidate Donald Trump in the district by one or two points.

Collins says she remains upbeat. "Governor Abbott also won this district. This is still a very Republican district focused on pro-business principles. And I think having a woman at the helm, to be able to showcase both of those is really going to make an impact."

Allred received national attention last week while praising Democratic nominee Joe Biden in a video that aired during the convention in primetime.

Collins has said she believes Democrats are nervous about Allred being able to hold onto his seat.

Allred said Collins can continue to campaign with the president if she chooses.

The Cook Political Report says this district leans Democratic.

Democrats have criticized President Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the economy.

But Desiree Brown, a delegate to the Republican National Convention from Collin County, said Wednesday the president's economic record before the pandemic is proof he can help the country rebound. "A lot of people have lost their jobs, a lot of companies have had to shut down, and that to me, is the most important thing. I do strongly believe that the improvements we saw in our economy the last four years Donald Trump is the only candidate that will be able to revitalize the economy for the next four years."

Brown and many other Republicans have sharply criticized Joe Biden's remarks Sunday, when he said he would shut down the country again if scientists recommended it.

Aside from Vice President Mike Pence, his wife, Second Lady Karen Pence, will be among the other speakers during the third night of the Republican National Convention.

Full Interview With Genevieve Collins:


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