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North Texas Police Officers Take Part In Teen's 'Promposal'

SOUTHLAKE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - A school resource officer in Southlake helped a student pull off a "promposal."

Erynn Kennedy challenged her boyfriend Andrew Vallerie to come up with an elaborate, memorable promposal.

Vallerie's parents encouraged him to get police involved.

"And I was like that's a great idea, I love cops here," he said.

He decided to ask his School Resource Officer Tatsak to pull him over with his girlfriend in the car.

"She had gotten two tickets in the last two weeks before even getting stopped in this interaction. So she was already incredibly angry," he said.

Angry, but not above working to get out of a ticket.

Southlake Police tweeted out the encounter, saying:

"Yes, prom-posals are apparently still a thing! Andrew Vallerie has known his School Resource Officer Tatsak for the last few years while attending Carroll High School. So when Andrew wanted to ask his girlfriend Erryn to prom, he knew who to ask for some flair!  While the whole thing is sweet, the SWEETEST SWEETEST part of this is how kind and sweet Erryn is to our officer just after her boyfriend has been pulled over, as she even compliments her eyelashes.

Vallerie was indeed speeding when Officer Tatsak pulled him over.

That's when Vallerie popped open the trunk and inside were balloons and a sign reading, "Prom without you should be illegal."

Kennedy agreed to go!

promposal (Twitter: @SouthlakeDPS)

Southlake Officer Nikki Lockwood worked with Valerie to make all this happen.

"I look at prom as a memory that I look back on when I was in high school. So I want to give people those kinds of memories. And if I can help make people laugh… let them have a good experience with me that's…I'm always all about that. So that was really cool for me to be able to do that," said Officer Lockwood.

promposal (Twitter: @SouthlakeDPS)
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