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North Texas Job Fair Hosted By Rep. Beth Van Duyne Attracts Hundreds Of Employers

IRVING, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Hundreds of employers made their way to Irving Thursday to participate in one of the first in-person large-scale job fairs in North Texas since the pandemic began.

It was hosted by Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne and her team at the Irving Convention Center.

"You know there were businesses that closed through no fault of their own, you know it's the government that came in and shut them down," Duyne said.

Now, as economy opens back up, she said the job market is fierce.

"People are starting up small businesses, mid-size businesses, large corporations and they're starving for employees," she said.

The situation is what led her to create this job fair featuring over 250 companies and over 7,000 jobs.

For Jason Ray-Talbery, the variety is refreshing. Coming out of college, he's hoping to find something tailored to his kinesiology degree.

"I'm very qualified for a lot of jobs, but I need some thing that is higher paying," he said.

His situation is not unique.

A recent study, surveying 1,000 impending and recent college grads, found almost half of 2020 grads are still looking for a job.

For those who are employed, desperation drove about 75% to accept a job that didn't fit their career goals. The number one reason being they needed money.

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