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North Texas Churches Target of Thieves

DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - You've heard recent reports about a woman who died from the heat just days after her central air conditioning unit was stolen. But homeowners aren't the only target for these crooks, churches are being hit hard as well.

Members of the Chisolm Baptist Church in Rockwall came to church on Sunday in flip-flops and shorts after 10 of the church's air conditioners were stolen. Police say it's a common crime among thieves, because the high-dollar value of the copper in the A/C units.

But Pastor Rocky Weatherford is hurt that his sanctuary would be a victim of this crime. He says he can't imagine anybody stooping so low to steal from a church saying it's not how he was raised.

Other churches around North Texas have been targeted as well, which costs money and discomfort for those faithful enough to show up and brave the heat.

In the meantime, Pastor Weatherford hopes to have the A/C units replaced by this Sunday's service.

Insurance will cover most of the 24 thousand dollar loss, but Weatherford believes they'll have to spend even more to secure and protect the new units from future thefts.

Phyllis Smith reporting for 1080 KRLD:


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