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No Guarantee Of Payment For Vehicle Damage On Texas Highways

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NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Bent rims and busted hub caps have become the norm after winter weather added to growing number of North Texas potholes.

Tuesday, one pothole in Dallas popped tires on more than half a dozen vehicles.

There's no question pothole damage is hitting drivers bank accounts, but who is at fault and can you make them pay?

One bumpy ride over a Dallas pothole and drivers notice it.

Lawrence Jones said, "There's nothing out there blocking it. Nothing."

Despite following the law Jones' car is now in the shop. "Speed limit and all - and I got this damage to my car," he said.

Jones is driving a rental and still waiting to hear how much repairs will cost. "Right now they're saying $1800. Minimum."

Insurance should help pay for pothole damage, but don't expect the city to pitch in.

Officials in Dallas, like other North Texas cities, said state law prevents them from being liable for damage caused by road conditions.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) on the other hand said drivers could file a claim or damages on state highways. The form is available online.

But when we asked an employee on the phone how often these claims actually got paid out the response was "not often."

The woman on the line explained that the state wouldn't pay at all If the claim involved potholes.

A media spokesperson said driver claims would be reviewed on an individual basis, but couldn't confirm that the department had ever paid damages.

Jones isn't expecting to see a dime. "They're not liable for potholes? Well, I wish I wasn't liable for my taxes either," he said laughing.

Officials with TxDOT did say the department has received tons of calls about pothole damage. In fact, one operator said it is the most frequent complaint that callers have had over the last few weeks.

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