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No Fines, New Programs Mean More People Are Going To Libraries In Fort Worth

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — Fort Worth Library administrators say they're seeing a significant spike in people using their services compared to earlier this year when they began making changes to attract more patrons.

Manya Shorr, is the Fort Worth Library Director and she says they're up 27% in all measure across all 16 libraries in the city.

Shorr added the biggest factor in the change is they extended hours to the schedules in April.

She added, "You have to be open when people want to use you, and you have to offer things that people want. It sounds pretty simple but it's not something we were doing the last couple of years."

In addition, new innovative programs and removing fines are also attributed for increased the popularity of Fort Worth's libraries.

"There are very few places in our community where you can go and be with other people and not spend any money and this is one of them," said Shorr.

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