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Mother Of Baby On Life Support, Tinslee Lewis: 'I Don't Think She's Suffering'

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - Eleven-month-old Tinslee Lewis' mother continues to fight to keep her baby on life support.

Trinity Lewis made a public appeal on Monday for new doctors to take over her daughter's care.

"I do not think Tinslee is suffering. Cooks has been saying these things to support their opinion to immediately end her life, which we her family do not believe this is the best plan for Tinslee," said Trinity at a press conference.

Tinsley hasn't left Cook Children's Medical Center since her premature birth in February of 2019. She was born with Ebstein's anomaly, a rare heart defect that has left her with chronic lung disease and severe high blood pressure. The baby is in the neonatal ICU and requires full respiratory and cardiac support, in addition to deep sedation to keep her medically paralyzed.

Tinslee made it to her first Christmas and her first New Year. And with an appeal court granting an emergency motion to keep her on life support, she could foreseeably make it to her first birthday next month.

An attorney working for the family said he had until January 23 to deliver a brief on the case to the Second Court of Appeals in Fort Worth. Cook Children's Medical Center is required to maintain life sustaining treatment until the appeal process is completed.

Trinity Lewis will no longer allow Cook Children's Medical Center to speak about her daughter's case. But Monday she said other doctors reviewing records have disputed the hospital's diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension. Also, she asked for doctors who are willing to perform a tracheotomy, believing it would possibly allow for the girl to be moved to home health care.

"I don't care what the hospital says. I feel like she can make it. I feel like she can make it," said the man who believes he's Tinslee's father, Johnathon Sherrod.

He and his family support the battle to keep the child on life support. But they have not been able to see her for weeks, telling CBS 11 News they are no longer listed as approved visitors.

"We should be there, you know? Since she reached out to us we want to be there. I'm not the kind of grandmother who just sits back and not want to fight for her grandchild," said Sherrod's grandmother, Mary Alford.

Sherrod does not have a blood test proving he is the father. Trinity Lewis said she thought the hospital may have removed him from the visitor list.

"In the situation that she in, I feel like i gotta be there. Even if, not just saying that, but I feel like I gotta be there to support her. I want to be there. Just me, not being there, if something were to happen to her… I wouldn't be able to live with it," said Sherrod.

The hospital does not restrict visits by biological parents.





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