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Mother, 2 Daughters Recovering After Pit Bull Attack

MCKINNEY (CBS 11 NEWS) - A family is still recovering after a pit bull attack sent a McKinney mother and two daughters to the hospital overnight.

A member of the family let CBS 11 inside the home where rooms were covered in blood. The relative says the mother is a hero who found the family pit bull attacking her 11-year-old daughter and threw herself on top of the daughter to shift the dog's attention to herself.

The attack has upset many in the neighborhood and sparked a war of words on social media.

"It looked like a war zone," Catherine Williams said, describing her neighborhood after a McKinney police officer was forced to shoot a pit bull that was attacking its owner. Police say the dog also bit one of the woman's daughters, and another daughter was hurt escaping from the home. All three were taken to a nearby hospital.

"There was quite a bit of blood. My daughter didn't sleep last night. Everyone was really shaken in the neighborhood and just really worried about them and praying for them," Williams said, adding that online reaction to the attack isn't making things better.

"So many people defending pit bulls and feeling sorry for the dog that got shot. He was shot while he was attacking a woman. There was no other choice," Williams continued.

But Becky Veazey Timmons wrote on Facebook, "Ignorance is rampant! Pit Bulls are not inherently vicious! There is an underground culture that abuses, tortures, and trains them to be vicious. That's who needs to be focused on....not the breed."

And Brenda Higgins wrote on Facebook, "I hope you all don't blame this on the breed. We weren't there so one does not know what happened."


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