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Mom Upset After Daughter Fails School's 'Fingertip Test'

ALVARADO (CBSDFW.COM) - Stand up straight and put your arms at your sides. Do your fingertips pass the hem of your shorts or skirt? If so, they're too short! Schools relying on the 'fingertip test' would think so, anyway.

"I think the fingertip rule, if nothing else, is outdated," said Frankie Badoni of Alvarado.

Badoni's 10-year-old daughter, Loralie, was pulled out of class for failing the test. "My teacher just asked me out into the hall," the young girl said. The romper, which she said that she had worn several times before, was suddenly too short.

"Her face was kind of flushed," recalled Badoni, who found her daughter suffering from embarrassment in the main office.

"It was heartbreaking," Badoni continued. "I held the tears back but, when I left, I was so upset."

Badoni brought her daughter a dress that was just an inch longer, and it was deemed acceptable.

"It just seems like her learning was less important than what she had on," Badoni said.

Fingertip Test
(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

To prove a point, Badoni took a picture of Loralie standing next to her aunt and grandmother. Each have different body types and different arm lengths. "My sister-in-law could have worn underwear to school," Badoni joked.

Badoni said that her daughter's long limbs and growth spurts have made it more difficult for her to meet the standard. "She's tall. Maybe she grew, maybe it shrank a little," she said of her daughter's outfit. Either way, Badoni explained, she wishes that school districts would reconsider the rule.

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