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Missing Lane Stripes Could Put Dallas Drivers At Risk

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - If you drive along Gaston Avenue in east Dallas, you will likely notice something missing from the roadway, and it could be putting people at risk. According to residents in the area, the surrounding streets were repaved a few weeks ago. But they still do not have lane stripes to divide the traffic.

Stretches of Gaston Avenue appear to be one giant lane. It is almost impossible to see any lane markers. And there are dozens of nearby streets in similar condition. Several drivers reported close calls on the road because people cannot figure out where they are supposed to be going.

The road conditions are even more dangerous in the dark.

Dallas - Missing Lane Markers
(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

Kevin Hunt had a close call on his motorcycle earlier this week, when another driver weaved into his nonexistent lane. "Lucky I didn't have to hit a curb or go into someone's front yard," Hunt said. "It's already a dangerous place. Without stripes, it just seems to up the odds."

Road workers typically have seven to 10 days to apply permanent striping after repaving projects. However, weather can push the timing back. Officials with the City of Dallas are not sure what happened in this instance. In fact, they were not even aware of the situation until CBS 11 News called seeking answers.

Dallas - Missing Lane Markers
(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

"I can see how the public would say, 'Man, they take forever,'" stated Jerry Ortega with Dallas Street Services. "There are a few areas it could have been done better." He was happy to learn about issue, and did not know that the company contracted to fix the roads had not finished the job.

After looking into the situation further, Ortega said that 40 streets remain unfinished.

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