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Good Golly, Is Miss Molly's Haunted?!

FORT WORTH (CBS11) - Fort Worth Stockyards are synonymous with cowboys, but it's also a popular place on Halloween for people hoping to see ghosts.

The folks at Miss Molly's Hotel say of all the haunted places in the Stockyards, the cattlemen boarding house turned brothel turned hotel has the most paranormal activity.

"I've had many reports from the guests of seeing things: transparencies, smoky apparitions," said Miss Molly's Innkeeper Paula Gowins. "Like in this room, Ms. Josie King was the last madam. She had been sighted many times, usually at 3:00 in the morning at the foot of the bed watching the people sleep. (We) only had one couple jump out of bed."

Gowings lived at Miss Molly's for a time. In her time residing at the building which dates back to 1910, she says she had plenty of close encounter with ghosts.

She says most of the paranormal activity in the nine-bedroom hotel happens in certain rooms. The "Cowboy Room" is perhaps the most haunted room in the hotel.

A place where guests believe the spirits of rough and tumble cowboys still move guests' personal items around. In the room right next door, the spirit of a little girl believe to be one of the daughter of one of the ladies of the night has been seen there.

The hotel is booked for Halloween weekend. Most people want to have an encounter. Other unsuspecting guests booked a room without a clue about the hotel's past.

The innkeeper says if you want to see a ghost, you're more likely to do so on a night with a full moon, not on a busy weekend.

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