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Mental Health Experts Offer Advice On Beating The Post-Holiday Blues

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) — The holidays are almost over, and it's not uncommon to experience the post-holiday blues.

"The holidays are something that we tend to really look forward to," said Dr. Kenleigh McMinn, a clinical psychologist with Baylor Scott & White. "When we come on the other side if it, it can feel like a letdown."

Dr. McMinn said it's a feeling that affects both adults and kids, but there are some ways to keep your spirits up!

"I think something that's important is just making sure you're continuing to have plans that you're looking forward to," Dr. McMinn said. It doesn't have to be extravagant like a vacation, but it can be as simple as self-care. "Whether that's taking some alone time on your commute home that you listen to a favorite podcast and favorite music, if that's going and having a date night with a loved one on a regular basis."

Dr. McMinn also suggested exercise, cooking or engaging in hobbies you enjoy. The key, she said, is to make sure the activities are feasible to actually implement into your routine.

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