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MedStar Issues Air Quality Alert Action Days Amid Spike In Respiratory Difficulty Emergencies

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW) – Air quality across North Texas is causing concerns for MedStar officials in Fort Worth.

MedStar has now issued "Air Quality Alert Action Days" in hopes of getting people to head warnings.

MedStar spokesman Matt Zavadsky said, "The air quality combined with the heat is really causing this severe volume in respiratory issues. So what we ask people is if you have a respiratory condition. You have asthma, emphysema, stay indoors not a good time to go for a walk or work in the yard."

Zavadsky added that just yesterday on Wednesday MedStar responded to 60 respiratory difficulty emergencies. That's compared to their last peak of 34 in a day back in June.

He added, these emergencies are adding to their already maxed out resources because of COVID-19 responses.

Health officials are warning those with known respiratory problems to stay indoors these next few days, as the air quality is expected to remain poor.

Zavadsky says "So, anything that our community can do to prevent 911 calls prevent hospitalization is going to alleviate some of that strain on the entire health care system."

Those with known breathing problems are urged to use normal measures like an inhaler first before calling 911 if they are in distress.

For those who don't have known breathing problems Zavadsky says there is one warning sign in particular to keep an eye out for.

He said, "One of the big indicators for us is when someone cannot complete a full sentence without taking a breath that's a pretty significant sign that they are having some severe difficulty breathing."

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