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Man Who Killed Robber Won't Face Charges

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A Dallas man won't faces charges in the shooting death of a robber who stole his wife's necklace and knocked her down.

Ronney Lummus and his wife were outside a Northwest Dallas grocery store when it happened. Police said the robber attacked Mrs. Lummus, throwing her to the ground and snatching her necklace. But Lummus is a licensed concealed gun owner and investigators said he shot the man as the he tried to drive off.

Yadira Juarez heard the first shots and turned around in time to see Lummus shooting at the fleeing man. "It was, like, about six shots? I guess the last two that's when they hit and he hit the other car that was parked," she said adding, "I guess they shot him in the mirror -- like the passenger's? Then it went through his cheek and by his throat."

Yadira tried to help the robber but says he was already dead. She then turned her attention to Mrs. Lummus. "We were trying to see if the lady was okay but she was on the ground, she was shaking, we were trying to make sure she was okay and just giving her water."

At this writing police have not identified the dead man beyond saying he's a 36-year-old Latin male. Lummus declined to be interviewed today but told CBS 11 News his wife is alright.

Police call the incident self-defense. Tom Mannewitz is inclined to agree. "It was not just a robbery, it was aggravated robbery," he said.

Mannewitz runs a CHL school and the Targetmaster gun store and firing range. He explains that state law he has taught allows for shooting a fleeing suspect in some cases... such as if that suspect has injured an elderly person over age 65. "Self-defense and defense of the third person; all he has to do is believe he or the other person was in mortal danger; and under any conditions he's allowed to use deadly force."

Beyond that, Mannewitz tells CBS 11 News there are separate laws on shooting people who are stealing some kind of property. "There is a statement that is if property is being stolen that could not be recovered by any other means other than use of deadly force then -- that is legal," he said.

Yadira Juarez is still shaken by what she witnessed, and the dead may lying in the car. "I was shocked, you never seen nothing like (it), you know? You always see it in movies but not in person."

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