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Brief Mix of Light Sleet & Rain, Chilly Temps Surprise Some In DFW

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - North Texas experienced one of its infamous temperature swings Friday.

Thursday's 80+ degree temperatures and sunshine gave way to a brief mix of very light sleet and rain, gusty winds, and much chillier temperatures.

At the University of North Texas campus in Denton, some students wearing t-shirts and shorts say they were caught off guard.

Junior Brandon Khamvongsouk is among them. "I should have gone back inside, stayed home in my warm bed instead of coming outside. I made the wrong choice I guess."

He says he will go home this weekend to gather some warmer clothing.

Other students bundled up with heavy jackets, hats and boots.

Some people say the really warm weather Thursday fooled them into thinking it would stay like that for awhile longer.

Donnell Singleton of Carrollton says she was surprised to see the sleet. "Hard to believe, here it is before Halloween, in October, here we are getting a little bit of moisture bouncing off the car."

Leila Smith, a Denton resident, says, "It was a little bit cooler than I expected. Hadn't thought it would get quite this chilly today, so it was a little bit of a surprise. I probably should have brought a jacket, but I thought I'd go out and brave the weather as is."

Because of the freeze warning for parts of North Texas Friday night, employees at Calloway's Nursery in Denton are taking sensitive plants inside.

The manager, Sam Rogers, says the store placed warnings about the weather on its website.

He says residents should water their flowers and sensitive plants, and then cover them as well with a frost blanket that allows them to breathe. "We'll be covering a majority of our stock, especially everything that's gorgeous and blooming with that frost cloth. We use the same thing that we sell."

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