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Last Person Seen With Missing Woman Speaks With CBS 11

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COLLIN COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) - For the first time, the last known person seen with Christina Morris spoke exclusively with CBS 11 News about the events that happened before her disappearance.

Enrique Arochi graduated from Allen High School with Christina Morris. He says the two were acquaintances, and had mutual friends.

Arochi says he and Morris were part of a larger friends drinking and dining at the Shops at Legacy in Plano on Saturday, August 30.

Just before 4 a.m. Sunday, he and Morris walked together into the shopping center parking garage. The surveillance video captured by security cameras is the last known footage of Morris. The 24-year-old recounted the events after getting to the parking garage. "So we walked and we split and after I saw my car, I went to my car. I don't know where she went, or if she went to her car. I just went to my car and left."

Arochi says he does not remember their parting words, or if Morris ever made it to her car. "I honestly didn't see anything. I was just walking to my car."

When Morris never showed up for work on September 2, her family called Plano police. Her Toyota Celica was located in the parking garage where the 23-year-old left it.

In the weeks that followed, Arochi says Plano police spoke with him four times. He says detectives also questioned his brother three times, and performed a forensic search of his own car.

Arochi is not a suspect in the case or a person of interest. Plano Police have no suspects at this time, and no evidence that a crime was committed.

But after two months with no evidence, there is growing concern among Morris's family and friends of her whereabouts. They are asking Arochi to talk to them about what he remembers.

"I feel like the one person that walked her to the parking garage has to know something," Jonni McElroy, Morris's mother, told CBS 11 News.

Arochi says he has not spoken with Morris's mother, despite protests Morris's supporters have staged outside Arochi's parents' home in Allen.

"Now they're protesting in front of my house, asking for answers which I don't have. Everything I've said, I've told police. Everything I know I've told police," said Arochi.

A reward for information leading to an arrest has grown to $25,000. As of October 30, police have received over 250 tips, but officers say nothing that yielded a lead.

The case is also gaining national attention. Arochi says he and his parents have received threats from people all over the country.

"I'm here. I'm not hiding anything. We just don't want to talk to anybody because I don't feel like it's necessary unless it's with the Plano detectives, or FBI or whoever," said Arochi.

Arochi says the investigation caused him to lose his job as a manager for Sprint.

He says the stress has taken a toll not only on him, but his parents.

"I'm just really concerned about our safety," said Arochi.

He says he wanted to tell his story, to clear his name.

"I had nothing to do with her disappearance," said Arochi, adding he does not know where Morris is.

But the man says if someone knows anything—and Plano police suspect someone does have information—Arochi hopes they'll come forward.

"I just want them to come forward. It's not only affecting her family, it's affecting a lot of people around us. It's just not fair if someone's holding onto that piece of information that may lead to where Christina may be. I just want them to be honest and come forward."

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