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Potential Landing Spots For Dez, DeMarco & Other NFL Free Agents

(CBSSPORTS.COM) - After a seven-week lull, don't be surprised if the NFL free agency starts to heat up again over the next few days and that's because May 9 is the unofficial start of the second wave of player signings.

If you've been following the NFL for any length of time, then you're probably well aware that the first day of free agency is almost always one of the craziest days on the NFL calendar every year. Although May 9 isn't as crazy, it's still a big deal in the NFL this year because it marks the first day that teams are allowed to sign free agents and NOT have it count toward the compensatory draft pick formula.

Basically, if Dez Bryant had signed a contract sometime before May 8, the Cowboys likely would have gotten a 2019 compensatory pick in return and the team that signed him would have had a lower chance of landing a compensatory pick. Instead, now that the deadline has passed, the Cowboys won't get anything if Bryant ends up signing with a new team.

Sure, the second wave of free agency isn't as exciting as the first wave -- or even half as exciting -- but there are still some big name players available who could end being major contributors in 2018. At this point last year, LeGarrette Blount was still available and things ended up working out pretty well for him. Instead of signing in March, Blount signed a one-year deal with the Eagles in May and ended up going on to win the Super Bowl.

So who's even left in free agency and where might those players end up?

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