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Krum Residents Rescued From Roof Of Home

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KRUM (CBSDFW.COM) - Pulled to safety through a daring helicopter rescue, some residents in Krum are thankful to be alive after several homes became flooded, stranding residents on their roofs.

"I don't do Ferris wheels. I don't do nothing like that, and here they strap me in a harness and we're spinning going off the ground," said Danetta Blanchard, a Krum resident who was rescued.

It was not how Danetta thought that she would spend Mother's Day. "My eyes are closed just as tight as I could close them because I am not looking down. I can't. Nope," Danetta said.

Danetta, her sister and her pregnant granddaughter, Brittany, were watching a friend's baby girl when a little rain in Krum turned into major flooding. "Within like 30 minutes, it's up to our top step. Then, it's rushing into our house. It's coming through the floor board," said Brittany Blanchard.

As the house filled with water, the family made it to the roof of the home.

The baby's mother, Melissa Cronce, however, was on the outside of the neighborhood looking in, without any answers as to what was happening. "Everything was blocked off. So I'm like freaking out, crying," said Cronce.

But in a true testament of motherhood, Danetta became that calm in the storm. She made sure that everyone made it to safety before she even thought about herself. "That's one thing. I may drown in the process but I will make sure the baby and everybody else is okay," said Danetta.

While she said that she likely lost everything, she had not lost the most important things to her in life. Her family is safe and sound on what she called a "great" Mother's Day. "Yes, it is. One I won't forget, not for a long time," said Danetta.

Residents who were displaced said that they will return Monday to take a look at their homes and see if there is anything theft that is salvageable.

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